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Joe (Ray MacDonnell) explains to JR and a frantic Lily why Ava must be rushed into the OR for an immediate appendectomy. Annie shakily tells Ryan how she saw Aidan with her mother's locket. On the beach, Greenlee is miffed to think she's been stood up by her date but panics to find him lying unconscious behind a large rock.

Adam schemes to ascend to the chairman's seat at Chandler Enterprises.


Ava balks at undergoing surgery, Lily begs her sister to sign the consent form. Greenlee phones Ryan and furiously accuses him of ordering his goons to mug Aidan. Zach (Thorsten Kaye) encourages his nervous wife to try holding baby Ian for the first time. Summoned by Julia, Jonathan hurries to the hospital and convinces a frightened Ava to allow the doctors to remove her appendix.


Aidan snipes at Ryan for having Greenlee tailed 'round the clock.

As Zach looks on, Kendall swallows her fear and cuddles with Ian in the NICU. Later, Zach decides to give a startled Adam his mansion back, free of charge. Annie feels certain her brother was behind the attack on Aidan. JR slyly leaks to the media a juicy tale about Jonathan's sordid past.

All My Children
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