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PART I: Ryan calls to warn Aidan that Annie's brother has been released from prison. At The Comeback, Wes and Babe share a laugh as they prepare for last call. Taken aback to find Hannah in his office, Zach icily inquires about the reason for her return to Pine Valley. Kendall berates Greenlee for showing up at the NICU at the worst possible moment.

Aidan tells Ryan about the locket turning up in Annie's purse.

PART II: The lone customer in the bar suddenly puts a knife to Babe's throat and orders Wes to empty the till. Hannah asks Zach if he ever told his wife about their last night together. Kendall stuns Greenlee with her claim that she wants to find a way to put the hatred behind her.

Wes manages to free Babe, then drive the robber off.

PART III: Hannah sadly confides to Zach that her dream of having another child didn't come true. Greenlee happily agrees to partner up with Kendall again at Fusion. Ryan delivers his bad news to Annie, who panics at the thought of Ritchie once more walking around as free as a bird.

As she tends to Wes' wounds, Babe thanks him for saving her.

PART IV: Meanwhile, Annie's description of her brother eerily matches the man who tried to rob the bar. Kendall instructs Greenlee to keep their new truce a secret from everyone else. Babe decides to accept Wes' invitation to go out on a date. Hannah apologizes to Zach and asks for her old job back. Ryan promises Annie he'll keep her and the kids safe.

Kendall is revealed to be plotting Greenlee's downfall.

All My Children
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