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PART I: The would-be robber from The Comeback secretly spies on Annie and Ryan. Di returns to Fusion for a special staff meeting on a sore subject.

Later, to the surprise of Babe, Di and Amanda, Kendall announces that Greenlee will be coming back to the company as a full partner once more. Jonathan urges Ava not to make the mistake of trusting JR. Startled to find Hannah again ensconced at Cambias Industries, Josh warns her to steer clear of his brother-in-law.

PART II: Krystal (Bobbie Eakes) expresses her undying gratitude to Wes for the quick thinking which saved Babe's life. Aidan assures Greenlee he truly does care about her, then punctuates his remarks with a kiss.

Jonathan advises Ryan to drop him in the wake of the latest bad publicity about his criminal history. Annie looks through her old high school yearbook and finds Ritchie's photo nearly obliterated.

Ryan promises his brother he will never abandon him again.

PART III: Greenlee (Sabine Singh) makes her case for keeping Ava on. Meanwhile, JR dazzles Ava with his vision of her future success and the two fall into an impetuous clinch. Hannah admits to Josh that she had a highly personal motive for returning to Pine Valley.

Babe reluctantly agrees to take on the task of wrangling Ava.

Annie slips her yearbook into the fire. Kendall secretly seethes when Greenlee gives her gifts to deliver to Spike and Ian. Aidan brings Ryan disturbing news about the locket.

All My Children
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