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Krystal sets a tender trap at The Comeback for her disguised ex-hubby. Ryan shows his rattled wife a shipping receipt proving that she sent the locket to herself. Insisting she's being set up by her psychotic brother, Annie is taken aback to realize that Ryan doubts her story. Josh warns Zach (Thorsten Kaye) that he cannot trust Hannah. Babe advises an annoyed Ava to keep her distance from JR for her own sake.

Certain Adam has been passing himself off as his twin, Krystal decides to teach the impostor a lesson.


At Fusion, a beaming Kendall tells Erica how magical it was to hold Ian in her arms for the first time. Stuart is puzzled when Krystal suddenly gets all kittenish with him as she describes how much she missed the passion she shared with Adam. Babe demands that JR come clean about his real plans for Ava. Annie (Melissa Claire Egan) confides to an appalled Ryan how Ritchie convinced everybody that she was the one who actually pushed their dad out the window.

Kendall meets a charming ten-year-old named Jason at the New Beginnings studio. Ryan vows to Annie that he will always fight to protect her.


  • Josh is touched by Zach's expression of love and gratitude.
  • JR cajoles Babe into giving him a chance to get his new venture underway.

Later, Ava commends JR for manipulating his ex so skillfully. Krystal lays a lip lock on "Adam" and discovers to her shock that it really is Stuart. Derek brings Annie and Ryan news of Ritchie. Kendall is startled to learn that Jason is profoundly deaf.

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