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As All My Children resums, the scene is Confusion, where Ava, on a night on the town, coaxes Jonathan to talk his brother into investing in the new beauty network.

Kendall thanks her pleasantly surprised mother for introducing her to Jason and giving her a whole new perspective on Spike's deafness. Zach finds Hannah rifling through his desk at Cambias Industries.

Aidan tells an irked Ryan why he suspects Annie was the one who knocked him cold. Jonathan suggests to Ava that they cut JR out of the equation and launch the network on their own.

Out on their first date, Babe and Wes run into Amanda and JR and are forced to make small talk during the awkward encounter. Hannah admits to Zach she was searching for the letter she wrote before she left town.

Kendall's decision to re-team with Greenlee baffles Erica until she guesses that her daughter is actually plotting revenge. Ryan reminds Aidan how crucial it is to stop Richie before he strikes again.

Jonathan warns Ava that JR is a snake who can't possibly be trusted under any circumstances. Meanwhile, Babe cautions Amanda (Chrishell Strause) to keep things light and not to give her whole heart to JR.

Greenlee wheedles Aidan into letting her help him search for the link between Richie Novak and Eddie Johnson. JR finds it impossible to stop thinking about Ava. Wes and Babe share a kiss.

Ryan secretly steps up his surveillance of Greenlee...

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