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PART ONE: Zach forces Kendall to admit to an irate Ryan how she coaxed Dr. Hilliard to treat their son. Adam disguises himself as his twin and pays a call on Colby. JR tells an irked Amanda (Chrishell Strause) he believes Ava is responsible for turning Fusion's fortunes around. Meanwhile, Ava and Jonathan enjoy some love on the beach, unaware that their sexual escapades are being caught on film by the paparazzi.

PART TWO: After Ryan stalks out with Spike in tow and Kendall hot on his heels, a worried Annie confides to Zach that she's been hiding part of her past from her husband. Tad decides to personally chaperone Sean and Colby's trip to Philadelphia to take in a concert. Later, Adam is pleased when Colby admits to "Stuart" how much she misses her dad. JR describes for Amanda how his idea for a new website featuring Ava can earn them millions. Zach advises Annie to give Ryan a chance to support her with her family problems.

Krystal shares a tender moment with "Stuart."

PART THREE: Apologizing profusely for going behind his back again, Kendall nevertheless tries to make Ryan (Cameron Mathison) understand why she's fighting so hard to make Spike well. Amanda and JR's tryst is rudely interrupted when creditors arrive to repossess the yacht. Zach cheers Annie up by bringing her to the NICU to visit baby Ian.

All My Children
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