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All My Children
Episode Recap, 4.15.08

Today on All My Children ...

Irked to find Jesse poring over Robert's files, Angie presses him to leave all that in the past. As Tad urges his troubled business partner to unburden himself, Aidan finally confesses how he slept with Kendall.

Kendall begs her husband to believe that she's deeply ashamed of what she's done. Ryan congratulates Greenlee on her engagement but wonders aloud why she's rushing to tie the knot. Jesse tells his anguished wife he needs to know exactly why he was forced to spend twenty years on the run.

Desperate to keep her marriage intact, Kendall coaxes a grumbling Zach to accompany her to the very spot where she committed adultery. Ryan asks Annie to describe the early days of their relationship and is surprised to hear how many crises they weathered together.

Exasperated when Frankie sides with his father, Angie insists that all she wants is a normal life once more. Later, Frankie privately confides to Jesse why he feels responsible for the death of three fellow soldiers during the battle for Baghdad.

Tad keeps Aidan's secret when Greenlee reappears at the detective agency. Angie asks Robert to back off of Jesse and let him move on. Zach assures a sobbing Kendall that everything will work out right. Ryan continues to have flashes of memory about Greenlee and Kendall even as he listens to Annie.

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