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All My Children
Episode Guide, 4/2

Today on All My Children, Annie allows Ryan inside to spend time with Emma but the tension between the couple is still very much alive. After visiting Emma, Ryan goes to Erin's grave and vows to make amends for his mistakes. Meanwhile, Aidan surprises Greenlee by recreating their first date on the beach. Aidan is in the midst of romantically proposing when he and Greenlee are interrupted by a call from Ryan. Aidan, already tweaked to Greenlee's connection to Ryan, wonders if she'll answer the call.

Erica succeeds in freeing herself from the handcuffs and getting the gun away from Carmen. Erica would walk away from Carmen but she has a change of heart and decides to help give Carmen a new beginning of sorts. Zach and Kendall are relieved to hear from Erica but are left dismayed that she's chosen to stay and help Carmen.

Babe stays by JR's side as he remains delirious from his fever. Angie determines that JR is suffering from Hepatitis A. Krystal reaches out to Adam while they wait for news about JR. JR begins to remember what happened on the night Zach was run down by Richie. Opal has a bad feeling when she gives Richie a tarot card reading ... which reveals death may come back for Richie. Richie starts to develop a high fever.

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All My Children
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