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All My Children
Episode Guide, 4.21.08

Today on All My Children ...

Aidan and Kendall force smiles as they head to Confusion with their significant others to celebrate.

Though Angie insists that Jesse not disinter "his" grave, Tad points out how the police are already planning to exhume the coffin anyway.

At the women's prison, Erica suddenly finds herself surrounded by a group of irate inmates. Greenlee remains oblivious to everyone else's high discomfort level as she cheerfully babbles on about Zach and Kendall joining her and Aidan for a honeymoon trip.

A worried Colby asks Frankie what she can do to help her dad avoid future panic attacks. Tad accuses Robert of stirring up more trouble for the Hubbards. The prisoners ask Erica to use her money and influence to do for them what she's been doing for Carmen.

Greenlee's professed gratitude and affection only serve to deepen Kendall's feelings of guilt.

Later, Aidan privately warns Kendall not to destroy his fiancee's happiness by spilling their secret. Angie icily informs Jesse he'll have to go through her if he expects to be in attendance when the grave is opened.

After hearing their sad stories, Erica readily agrees to help Sharon and the others make a new beginning. Aidan hastens to distract Greenlee as she starts to notice some tension between the Slaters.

Tad finally convinces Angie to relent by reminding her how another family needs to know the truth about the person buried in Jesse's grave. Frankie shrugs off Colby's hero worship.

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