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All My Children
Episode Guide, 4.8.08

Today on All My Children, Angie and Jesse return home to find family and friends all waiting to surprise them with a celebration. JR is discharged from the hospital and heads straight to Babe's place to thank his ex for all her support during his recent health crisis.

A furious Babe berates JR, however, for exposing her and their young son to the dangers of hepatitis by falling off the wagon and sleeping with a hooker. Enraged to discover that Erica has been secretly tape recording their conversation, Louisa tells Armando they need to dispose of both their uninvited guests - permanently.

Stuart happily welcomes Jesse back to the land of the living while Angie assures Krystal that the surprise party is just what her husband needed. JR gets nowhere trying to convince a seething Babe that he's been framed by her would-be suitor. Meanwhile, Richie asks Opal to do another Tarot reading for him.

Frankie explains to an uneasy Tad why he invited Robert to the soiree. As Carmen and Erica battle Armando and Louisa for control of the gun, Zach and Jackson arrive with the police just in the nick of time. Greenlee confides to Kendall that she may have made a huge mistake in turning down Aidan's marriage proposal.

Robert offers Jesse the chance to tell his life story for a little quick cash. After bidding Jack goodbye, Erica is once again taken into custody along with Carmen. Colby plants a kiss on a startled Frankie as she leaves the party. Babe advises JR to stop blaming Richie for his own faults.

Across town, Opal warns Richie he won't cheat death a second time.

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