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All My Children
Episode Recap, 4.9.08

Today on All My Children, Kendall showers Zach with kisses in gratitude for the way he rescued her mother. Determined to win Aidan back, Greenlee stages another late night picnic on the beach.

Annie recalls the day she and Ryan were wed as she reads over the divorce papers Livia drew up.

At Fusion, JR questions Amanda about Richie. Meanwhile, Babe drops by Opal's place and tells Richie why she and her son had to be inoculated against hepatitis. Ryan explains to Annie how he's decided to start living in the here and now. Kendall's guilt feelings intensify as Zach praises his wife for her loving devotion.

Babe admits to an angry Richie how she and her ex slept together. Greenlee implores Aidan to understand that she truly does want to share a future with him. Ryan tells a grateful Annie he's set up a trust fund to ensure that their daughter will never have to worry about paying for college.

Greenlee makes it clear she hopes to marry him, Aidan suggests they wait until the timing is right. JR presses Amanda to manipulate Richie into incriminating himself but she refuses to play along.

Annie elects not to give the divorce papers to Ryan after all but he catches a glimpse of the documents as she turns to leave. Until tomorrow on All My Children ...

All My Children
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