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All My Children
August 1, 2008

Anticipating a major triumph, JR marches into the board meeting only to find no one there except his father. Babe discovers that Colby is still substituting vodka for the liquid in her water bottle.

Angie confronts Cassandra with her lies. Aidan shows Greenlee a new software program for designing their dream house down to the last nail.

Adam congratulates his puzzled son for successfully ousting him as the head of Chandler Enterprises.

A seething Cass snarls at Jesse until he produces pictorial evidence proving she and Dre were in the car which ran Richie down.

Kendall tells a skeptical Zach why she believes Annie is a major head case who cannot be trusted. After tricking JR into admitting he leaked the story about the psychiatric hospital to the press, Adam gleefully discloses how he made sure he still had the members of the board in his pocket.

Greenlee is delighted when Aidan reveals he's purchased ten acres of land near the Yacht Club. Annie tells Ryan how jealous she felt after spotting him with Greenlee at Confusion.

Though Cass tearfully declares she's returning to Paris, Jesse cautions his stepdaughter he can force her to stay in Pine Valley if need be.

Annie is badly rattled by a mocking vision of her late brother. Colby rejects Babe's offer of help.

Kendall warns an irked Ryan he'll never be happy with his wacko wife. Meanwhile, Zach invites Annie to spend some quality time with Ryan at his Las Vegas casino.

Colby, Cass and Dre are all taken down to the police station for questioning.

Annie deliberately rolls her car into a tree, then enhances the damage with a large wrench before leaving a frantic SOS on Ryan's voice mail.

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All My Children
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