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All My Children
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Today on All My Children ...

Erica tells Samuel she will understand if he needs to cut all ties to her in order to salvage his campaign. A gloomy Cass and Frankie commiserate over milkshakes at BJ's.

Jake bumps into the same woman once more and makes another futile attempt to impress her but she rebuffs him yet again.

In Las Vegas, Annie suffers a bout of morning sickness as a sympathetic Ryan sticks close. Aidan and Greenlee happily consummate their marriage.

An exasperated Zach points out to Kendall how much time and energy she expends fretting about the private lives of their friends.

Jesse promises a worried Angie that Cassandra is his top priority as he goes forward with the investigation into Richie's death.

Ryan reminds Annie how he missed out on the early stages of his other children's development. After they make love, Greenlee informs a surprised Aidan that she's keeping her maiden name.

Jake finally begins to wear down Taylor's resistance. Annie seeks to strengthen her hold on Ryan by claiming that Emma is only happy when the two of them are secure in their marriage.

Jesse explains to Angie why he suspects Richie had already expired before Dre ran over him. Aidan assures Greenlee he's okay with her not taking his name.

Samuel and Erica are pleased to realize there are no more obstacles to their building a relationship together.

Frankie is delighted to receive a visit from Taylor. Greenlee, Aidan, Zach, Kendall, Ryan and Annie all decide to fly home to Pine Valley together.

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All My Children
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