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All My Children
Episode Recap
August 18, 2008

Today on All My Children ...

As Greenlee and Ryan are finally freed from the jet's bathroom, Kendall again complains to Zach about Annie being a complete wacko.

Carmen meets Jackson at Confusion to discuss her case. After Krystal tries in vain to reason with a sullen Kathy, Tad quickly makes headway by charming his daughter back into a smile.

Later, Tad tells JR he believes Krystal completely overreacted to a small bit of childish mischief. Greenlee thanks all her friends for helping make her special day even more perfect.

Kendall frets about Jackson moving on to a new woman before Erica comes to her senses. JR encourages Kathy to let her extended family share their love with her.

Annie accuses her husband of hiding the truth from her. Intrigued when Colby mentions how much she'd love to annoy her dad, Pete plants a sloppy kiss on her in front of Adam.

Annie bitterly informs Ryan she wants to leave Pine Valley because she's so unhappy in such a toxic environment.

After Kathy blurts out that moms always leave, Krystal realizes why the girl has been pushing her away.

When Ryan questions her increasingly bizarre behavior, Annie turns on the crocodile tears and plays the pregnancy card once more.

Jackson asks a startled Carmen out on a date. Tad thanks JR and Krystal for helping Kathy deal with her fears.

Meanwhile, Kathy privately plots to rid herself of her stepmother.

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