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All My Children
August 19, 2008

Today on All My Children, Cass tells Angie she needs to return to Paris at once because her father is about to undergo emergency surgery.

Randi gives Frankie the cold shoulder after seeing him embracing another woman. Amanda flirts with Jake when he treats her for a minor eye injury.

JR reminds his father how they have to keep Babe in the dark about their scheme to take over Fusion.

Jesse explains to his angry stepdaughter why she can't leave the country until the police investigation into Richie's death is concluded.

Jake is surprised to learn that his roommates got hitched during their trip to Las Vegas. Frankie hastens to set Randi straight about the nature of his relationship with Taylor.

Though JR considers instigating a smear campaign to force Greenlee and Kendall to sell their beloved company, Adam suggests they try a different tactic instead.

Joe advises his son to settle down and make a life for himself in Pine Valley but Jake glumly insists that he has to move on.

Upon discovering that Jacob is merely undergoing a routine operation, Angie demands to know why Cass lied to her and Jesse.

Frankie admits to Randi how he questioned the existence of God following his tour in Iraq. Cass tearfully declares that she hates Jesse and won't let him stop her from going to her real father.

JR encourages Babe to believe she's ready to take the helm at Fusion. After hearing Frankie's story, Randi apologizes for jumping to the wrong conclusion.

Later, Fletcher phones to warn Frankie that time is running out on his "generous" offer. Adam secretly plots to double-cross JR.

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All My Children
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