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All My Children
August 4, 2008

Today on All My Children:

Fed up when Colby, Cass and Dre all claim that they were behind the wheel when they ran Richie down, Jesse reads all three teenagers their rights and prepares to book them.

As he and Greenlee begin to make love in front of the fireplace, Aidan smells gas and hurries to fix the leak.

After finding a key Annie hid on her desk at Fusion, Kendall warns Ryan that his wife is keeping secrets from him.

Meanwhile, Annie grows tired of waiting for Ryan and calls Zach for help instead.

Krystal admits to Tad how she already knew about Colby's involvement in the hit-and-run. A sobbing Angie wonders if she's made a horrible mistake by siding with her husband instead of Cassandra.

JR and Adam both urge Colby to recant her confession but she stubbornly refuses to comply. Dre apologizes to Samuel for disrupting his campaign with a scandal. Ryan asks Aidan to look into the key he found.

In the ER, Annie feigns distress about her unborn child while Zach phones Kendall with news about the "crash." Samuel assures his son that he is top priority no matter what.

Annie convinces Jake to perform an ultrasound so her husband can see their baby. Dre finally talks his friends into telling everyone the truth. Zach shares Kendall's suspicions about Annie.

A guilt-ridden Ryan tells Aidan to cancel his investigation. After arresting Dre, Jesse informs Adam he's being charged with obstruction of justice.

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All My Children
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