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All My Children
August 5, 2008
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As she returns home with Tad and Krystal, Colby blames himself for her father's arrest as well as Dre's.

Meanwhile, Samuel wonders if his son's dilemma would have played out differently if he hadn't been so wrapped up in his Senate campaign.

Jake assures Ryan and Annie that their unborn child is still perfectly healthy. From his jail cell, Adam asks JR to put aside their own squabble long enough to help Colby.

Erica comes to the police station to lend a grateful Samuel her moral support. Tad confronts Krystal about the way she backed up her ex-husband's latest lie.

Jackson agrees to represent Dre. Annie seeks to strengthen her hold on Ryan by arranging for Emma to be brought to the hospital.

Hounded by the press for a comment, Samuel insists he's proud of his son for taking responsibility for his actions.

Though Krystal apologizes for not bringing him into the loop, Tad reminds his wife that he needs to know he can trust her or their marriage will never work.

After speaking with his client, Jackson speculates that Richie may have been dead long before Dre drove over him.

Colby begins drinking again but quickly gets busted by her big brother.

Annie has another vision of Richie mocking her from beyond the grave. Frankie asks Randi out on a date. Ryan tells Annie he's determined to do right by her and their children from now on.

Adam makes bail and immediately threatens to sue Jesse for harassment.

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All My Children
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