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All My Children
August 6, 2008

Today on All My Children ...

Erica drops by the Chandler mansion and presses Adam to help Dre avoid prosecution. JR and Babe urge Colby to attend an AA meeting in order to start dealing with her drinking problem.

Zach suggests to Kendall that they accompany Ryan and his wife to Vegas for a long weekend so they can keep a closer eye on Annie.

Angie confides to Frankie how worried she is about Cassandra. Babe finally convinces Colby to tag along with her big brother when he goes to his own meeting.

Samuel brings Dre home from jail, then reminds the young man why they must work together to get the charges dropped. Angie arranges for Jill to join the Hubbards for dinner.

Amanda grouses to Babe about Greenlee and Kendall constantly being no-shows at Fusion. Erica is irked by Adam's refusal to expend any energy on Dre's behalf. Colby listens as JR shares with the AA group some highly personal issues caused by his substance abuse.

Dre bristles when his dad advises him to keep his distance from Cass for a while. Amused by Angie's attempt at matchmaking, Frankie assures his mother he can handle his own social life.

Babe and Amanda are disgusted to learn that Kendall is taking even more time off from work. Fed up by Carmen's staunch defense of Erica, Adam fires her on the spot.

Kendall talks fast to persuade her coworkers not to quit.

Colby icily informs JR she doesn't belong with the others because she is not an alcoholic. Frankie runs into trouble at the hands of two large goons.

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