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Reese warns Zach that Bianca's suspicious. He assures her he can handle Kendall but Kendall overhears his claim.

He lies that they were concerned about her reaction to them spending the night in the cabin. Bianca remains curious.

Talking about David, Joe admits to JR that while he'd like to oust the doctor from the hospital, he's done so much to improve their cardiac department that he can't.

David's unnerved when Kathy hugs him and admits she likes him. He runs off but Krystal approaches him later, still under the effects of the drugged milk.

She finds a somber David by himself.

Becoming emotional, David tells Krystal that all of the people he wants to celebrate Christmas with are gone. She tries to comfort him and leans in for a kiss only to pull back after it becomes passionate.

She apologizes but he downplays her concern and offers to drive her home. There, they find JR waiting.

Thanks to Frankie and Jesse, Natalia realizes that it's best for her mother to remove her from the life support system as she originally requested.

Angie calls her "family" after Randi brings coffee for Frankie and the others. Before shutting off her life support system, Frankie, Jesse and the others take a moment to say goodbye to Rebecca.

But when they remove the respirator tube from her, Rebecca starts coughing and wakes. Though Annie's confused by the girl, Emma says goodbye to her mother and then tells Greenlee that she's her best friend.

At Oak Haven Ryan's frustrated when he's told that he's not allowed to visit with Annie for the time being. Annie becomes hysterical as she's locked in her room. Later, Aidan enters her room and claims he's there to help her.

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