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Zach gets ready for Kendall's return and suggests that care for her will help her wake up. Ryan tells Greenlee he must help her get better.

Greenlee assures him Emma is lucky to have him for a father.

Aidan slips into Annie's room and tries to get her to admit that she's faking her insanity but she asks if it's time for her wedding.

Frustrated, Aidan tells her that Ryan is probably with Greenlee having sex. Ryan arrives and kicks him out.

Later, Ryan and Jesse discuss their suspicions about Aidan.

Dr. Richardson examines Annie and decides that she does have a legitimate personality disorder. Seeing the look on Taylor's face, Brot guesses he looks disgusting to her but she denies it.

Taylor claims she is in shock that he's alive but he walks away.

Jake offers to wheel her to him but it's Frankie who catches up to the devastated veteran who points out he could see the disgust in her eyes.

Frankie points out Taylor has changed too after Iraq and convinces him to go see her in the hospital. Staring at his eyes and stroking his face, Taylor tells Brot that he's the same man she knew.

When Kendall is brought to the hospital, Greenlee confides to her that she fears that she and Ryan will never be together.

Reese tries to take Zach's mind off Kendall for a moment by suggesting that they decorate the house for the holidays.

He's taken aback when she trips and falls into his arms for a moment.

Confessing her secrets to Angie, Krystal promises that she is not going to act on her feelings for David.

Later, Angie orders David to stay away from Krystal but he won't listen.

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