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Today on All My Children, Kendall is forced to admit to Greenlee how she and Aidan wound up on the same flight to Chicago. Angie decides to take Joe's advice and visit Jesse's grave while she's in Pine Valley.

Meanwhile, Tad finds Jesse standing by his own headstone and again urges his old friend to come out of hiding. Lonely for Aidan, Greenlee wishes she could leave the hospital and resume her normal life. Zach encourages Ryan to make more of an effort where Annie is concerned.

Insisting his family would suffer if he revealed his presence, Jesse presses Tad to promise he won't breathe a word to a soul. Angie explains to Joe that she can't accept his job offer because it's just too painful for her to stay in town without the man she loved.

Kendall suffers another attack of nausea aboard the plane and begins to wonder if she could be pregnant. Zach re-introduces an awestruck Ryan to little Spike. Angie faints dead away after encountering her late husband in the cemetery. Annie yearns for the day when Ryan will regain his memory.

Aidan surprises Greenlee by returning to the hospital. Jesse calls an ambulance for Angie, then slips away as the paramedics arrive. Later, Angie shakily confides to Joe how real her "vision" seemed.

Kendall buys a home pregnancy test. Jesse tells Tad how he accidentally bumped into his wife. Angie is perplexed to realize that Jesse has "aged" since his untimely death as a young man.

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