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Erica summons accountants and furiously demands to know why her assets have been frozen. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Frankie presses his mother to admit that she saw Jesse in the cemetery. Zach makes another surprise appearance at Kendall's book signing. Greenlee (Rebecca Budig) confides to Aidan (Aiden Turner) how much she's looking forward to embracing a new life and making a fresh start.

Angie insists she was hallucinating, but Frankie clings to the belief that his dad has somehow returned to Pine Valley. A mystified Krystal tells Babe how preoccupied Tad has been in recent days. JR confesses to Adam that he's lost the heirloom ring. Irked when her team proves to be no help, Erica fires all of them on the spot. Richie glumly reports to Babe how the anonymous bone marrow match decided not to donate after all.

Tad provides a grateful Jesse with a change of clothes and some cash. Angie tearfully reminds Frankie that she last saw his father 20 years ago. JR is pleased to learn that the ring Little A sent down the drain is rescued. Babe enlists her mom's assistance in a caper designed to ferret out the identity of the person who could save Richie's life. Later, Krystal and Babe are astonished to discover that JR is the bone marrow match.

JR finds the microphone secreted inside his ring.

All My Children
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