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All My Children

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February 15, 2008

As All My Children begins, Jesse waits for the train to Toronto, Tad presses his friend to reconsider. At the event, Aidan stoically endures Josh's jeering catcalls as he's fitted for his part in the fashion show. Meanwhile, in the ladies' room, Greenlee catches Kendall removing a pregnancy test from her purse. Jackson advises Erica to put some distance between herself and the opportunistic Samuel Woods.

Annie explains to Emma why her daddy probably won't be coming by to see her debut as a model. Embittered to learn how much he's lost during the last four years, Ryan accuses Zach of manipulating him. Hoping to force a reunion, Krystal suggests to Angie she'd be better off taking the train to N.Y. instead of flying. Erica is pleased to think that Jack is jealous of her relationship with Samuel.

Greenlee assumes that Kendall has been trying to spare her feelings and assures her friend she'd be thrilled for her and Zach if they're expecting. Later, Kendall tells her mother that the pregnancy test was negative. Zach tells Ryan how he's hurt more than one woman. Tad and Krystal meet at the gala and compare notes on their time with Jesse and Angie. Annie orders Greenlee to stay out of her business.

All My Children
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