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All My Children
February 18, 2008
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Astounded to see Jesse step off the train, Angie rushes towards her "late" husband. Erica MCs the Go Red fashion show. Backstage, Greenlee confides to Aidan how her BFF might be pregnant again but for some strange reason doesn't want Zach to know. After Colby takes her turn on the catwalk, Ava enjoys preening.

Zach tells Kendall (Alicia Minshew) about his unsettling encounter with Ryan at Cambias Industries.

Jesse assures Angie that it truly is him as they embrace for the first time in two decades. During a break in the action at the fundraiser, Jackson again tries to caution Erica about Samuel but she assumes her ex is merely jealous. Krystal presses Adam to spill the secret he's been keeping about little Kate.

Babe's sexy new look has the desired effect on JR.

Aidan corners Kendall with questions about her condition but she vehemently denies that she's carrying his child. Erica invites Samuel to take questions from the crowd during the live telecast of the charity event.

Jesse brings Angie back to the same shack in the woods where they hid out as a young couple years ago. Babe (Amanda Baker) suggests to JR that they indulge in a little friendly competition.

Reminiscing about the past, the Hubbards declare their love for one another.

Later, Jesse tries to explain the reason for his long absence but Angie begs him not to disclose his secret until they've had a chance to properly reconnect. Zach tells Aidan he'll kill Ryan if he goes near Kendall.

As Erica (Susan Lucci) proudly wraps up a successful show, Samuel stuns everyone by stepping forward to place the flustered diva under arrest in front of a throng of press photographers.

All My Children
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