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Today on All My Children, Frankie tells Tad and Krystal that his mom never made it to New York and isn't answering her cell. Meanwhile, Angie implores Jesse to tell her why he stayed away so long. Ryan admits to Kendall and Zach how Annie kicked him out.

Annie arrives to lend moral support as Spike prepares to have his cochlear implant turned on.

Jesse explains to Angie how people arranged to fake his death and brutally interrogated him for information he didn't even possess. Babe and Greenlee trade stories about the hot nights with the men in their lives. Jesse describes for his wife the wandering life he's led during the past 20 years.

Tad wonders if Angie and Jesse somehow hooked up and retreated to the same shack where they used to hide out years ago. Determined never again to lose the man she loves, Angie informs Jesse that wherever he's going she'll be there beside him from now on.

Greenlee, Aidan, Zach and Kendall learn that the bones in the shelter belong to a murder victim.

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