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All My Children recap
February 22, 2008

Stunned to come face to face with his father, Frankie demands to know why Jesse abandoned him. At Fusion, Derek informs Greenlee, Kendall, Aidan and Zach that the skeletal remains in the shelter belong to one John Remington, a man who briefly dated Angie after she lost her husband.

JR assures Babe he has no intention of backing out on his promise to save Richie's life. Meanwhile, an unwitting Richie hires two large thugs to abduct the man whose bone marrow he needs. Jesse tells his son he came out of cover when he learned how close Frankie was to death. Outside the shack, Angie confides to Tad and Krystal her fear that Jesse's secret concerns her. Babe and JR make love again.

Kendall and Aidan discuss their indiscretion and agree that they can put it behind them. Frankie and a grateful Jesse finally share a long overdue embrace. Later, Angie, Krystal and Tad help Frankie convince his dad to stay in Pine Valley. Zach explains to Greenlee why he's hired her boyfriend to safeguard Kendall during the book tour. Babe breaks her big news to Richie as his goons waylay JR.

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All My Children
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