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PART ONE: Upset to find her staff packing up the office, Erica insists that "New Beginnings" is staying on the air. At Fusion, Kendall and Greenlee give Babe and Amanda tips on concocting a brand new fragrance. Annie tells Zach she hopes she hasn't complicated his life by kicking Ryan out. Meanwhile, a desperate Ryan appeals to Joe for help getting his memory back before his whole life goes swirling down the drain.

PART TWO: Aidan explains to Tad why he'll be out of town for a few days while Kendall finishes her book tour. Jackson reminds Erica of the morals clause in her contract which the network used to cancel her show. Though Zach encourages her to believe that Ryan will remember loving her, Annie admits she's been contemplating divorce. Erica warns Samuel she won't rest until she's exposed the skeletons in his own closet.

PART THREE: Greenlee arranges for her coworkers to take pole dancing lessons. Joe explains to Ryan why drugs and electroshock therapy will be of no use to him. Ignoring Erica's protestations, Jackson attempts to strike a plea bargain with Samuel. Tad begins digging for details of the day Jesse "died." After Samuel departs, Jack makes it clear to his appalled client that she is looking at hard time in prison if she's convicted.

What happens next? These All My Children spoilers could reveal it ...

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