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All My Children
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February 28, '08

Krystal (Bobbie Eakes) and Babe enter the motel room and are appalled to find JR in bed with a prostitute. As her groggy ex comes to, Babe (Amanda Baker) snarls at him for reverting to his usual sleazy self. Erica heads to the Chandler mansion to ask for Adam's assistance in avoiding a prison sentence. Annie decides to try and lift her spirits with a night out at Confusion with Amanda.

Zach introduces himself to Samuel, then advises him to drop his pursuit of Erica. Greenlee cheerfully informs Ryan (Cameron Mathison) she's going to personally see to it that he regains his memory. Outraged when Adam refuses to lift a finger to help, Erica threatens to take him down with her. Babe and Krystal arrive, toting JR between them, and give Adam an earful about his son's latest misdeed.

JR's story about being abducted and drugged by two goons in a parking lot only draws more of Babe's scorn but Krystal begins to wonder if he might not be telling the truth after all. Amanda coaxes Annie to flirt with a hot guy at the bar. After paying off the prostitute he hired to frame JR, Richie prepares to receive the lifesaving bone marrow which was extracted from his victim.

Erica turns to Palmer to beat the insider trading rap. Removing her wedding ring, Annie puts a move on her admirer. Krystal offers to take JR home with her to recuperate. Crestfallen when Ryan admits he still doesn't recall any part of their time together, Greenlee plants a kiss on him in an effort to jog his memory. Zach prevents an irked Annie from leaving Confusion with her new "friend."

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All My Children
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