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Today on All My Children, Tad, Jesse and Angie search through old files at the hospital to try and find out who was on duty in the morgue the night Jesse supposedly died.

Jesse realizes that the people who are after him know he's back in Pine Valley.

Erica proves she isn't down for the count as she rallies the troops and calls a press conference to address the charges Samuel has leveled against her . Jack tells Erica he thinks they have a good chance of winning, and shouldn't accept Samuel's deal of six months. She announces that she is going to prison.

After their kiss, Greenlee is disappointed that Ryan still doesn't remember their time together. Zach is a good friend to Annie when he takes her to the casino to try and get her mind off her troubles. Greenlee brings Ryan (Cameron Mathison) to the casino, where they encounter Zach and Annie. Ryan reaches out to Annie.

Kendall and Aidan get past their awkwardness and reestablish their friendship after checking into the hotel on the first night of her book tour. Kendall faces danger when a male fan breaks into her hotel room.

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