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PART ONE: Kendall (Alicia Minshew) explains to Ryan how she and Zach are happily married and points out that he himself is head over heels in love with Annie. Jesse begs Tad to look after Angie, then is relieved to learn that Frankie has pulled through his medical crisis after all. Meanwhile, Frankie thanks his mother for working so hard to save his life. Down the hall, a beaming Greenlee assures Aidan she's on the road to recovery.

PART TWO: Ryan (Cameron Mathison) admits to Kendall how he thinks they're still in love and engaged to be wed. Jesse warns Tad that no one else can know he's still alive. Angie tells Greenlee how her late husband was a police officer who was killed in the line of duty. Joe regretfully informs Ryan and Annie (Melissa Claire Egan) that despite all the tests he ran he has no clue what's actually causing the amnesia.

PART THREE: Angie awakens from a dream about Jesse. Annie encourages Ryan to believe he will regain his memory. Kendall greets a crush of fans along with the media during the "Charm" party. Though Tad reminds his old pal how he has 20 years of unfinished business waiting for him in Frankie's room, Jesse insists Angie and their son will suffer terribly if word gets out about his return from the "dead." Greenlee (Rebecca Budig) gives Zach a word to the wise about his wife's connection with Ryan.

All My Children
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