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As Adam continues to secretly listen in on everything his son says and does, an unwitting JR reminds Babe how important it is to keep his old man in the dark. Kendall finds Ryan (Cameron Mathison) waiting for her on the roof at Fusion and together they reminisce about the early days of their relationship. Richie is intrigued to learn from Annie how her husband has lost all memory of her and their daughter. Erica contemplates a new house. Little A slips the ring off his father's finger and accidentally drops it down the sink.

Annie wishes her brother well as Richie reveals his plan. Greenlee explains to Zach how she and Ryan hooked up. Krystal (Bobbie Eakes) guesses Babe sees something of herself in Richie. Ryan is stunned to learn that he and Kendall have a son together. Erica's plans to buy a river front condo hit a snag when her bank account is suddenly frozen by the government. Joe informs Richie that a possible bone marrow donor has been located right there in Pine Valley. Annie clings to the hope that Ryan will regain his memory.

All My Children
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