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PART ONE: Today on All My Children, Annie sadly confides to Zach how Ryan walked out on her. Meanwhile, Ryan tells Greenlee he can't imagine his life without Kendall by his side. Joe invites Angie to come back on staff full-time. Aboard the flight to Chicago, Aidan grows impatient with Kendall's anxiety attack and reminds her that nobody else needs to know about their momentary indiscretion.

PART TWO: Frankie and Angie share memories of loved ones as Jesse's b-day rolls around. Greenlee (Rebecca Budig) explains to Ryan how he broke her heart when their marriage ended. After regaining consciousness, Jesse realizes he's in Pine Valley Hospital and frantically insists on being released. Later, Frankie catches another quick glimpse of a man who closely resembles his "late" father.

PART THREE: Kendall suffers a wave of nausea but chalks it up to just nerves or motion sickness. Julia catches Jesse in a closet and wonders why he looks so familiar. Greenlee encourages Ryan to give Annie a chance. Joe suggests that Angie might feel better if she paid a visit to Jesse's grave. Ryan spots Zach giving Annie a farewell hug. Greenlee is surprised when Kendall answers Aidan's cell phone.

All My Children
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