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PART I: Ryan (Cameron Mathison) apologizes for calling his wife "Kendall" and assures Annie it was just a slip of the lip. Tad happily welcomes Angie back to Pine Valley, then introduces his old friend to Krystal. Adam collapses following his set-to with Zach. Richie waits impatiently for word from his sister about whether or not she's willing to be tested as a possible bone marrow donor.

PART II: Annie and Ryan make love. Quentin hastily attempts to leave the hospital after hearing Joe mention Dr. Hubbard's name but Julia manages to get her agitated patient back into his bed. As Colby rails at Zach for choking her dad, Adam comes to and is surprised to find Angie leaning over him. Richie decides to take matters into his own hands. Ryan suggests to Annie that they start working on making another baby.

PART III: Joe puts Quentin in isolation as the man's condition continues to deteriorate. Angie tells Tad how sorry she is that she missed the funeral. Krystal snipes at Adam for trying to blackmail her before goading Zach into attacking him. Richie sneaks into Emma's room as she sleeps. Angie arrives at the hospital and is astonished to discover that the critically ill patient is her own son, Frankie.

PART IV: Greenlee (Rebecca Budig) finds Zach and lends him an ear. Richie's plan to abduct Emma is halted when Annie phones and agrees to be tested. Zach is concerned to learn Greenlee has been suffering from sharp abdominal pains. Kendall tells Aidan she suspects her husband and his girlfriend slept together ...

All My Children
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