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All My Children recap: January 25, 2008

Greenlee is rushed to the hospital in critical condition.

Zach has an epiphany on a cause which might just end up saving Greenlee and Frankie's lives. A sleeping Frankie receives an unexpected visitor - it's his father.

Ryan is ready to kill Richie, believing the reason he and Annie are in the hospital is because Richie hurt her.

Annie is alarmed by Ryan's erratic behavior and places a call to Joe. Babe and Amanda's friendship is back on track. Richie tells Babe that Annie agreed to help him. He tries to charm Babe into having dinner.

Jack is worried over a letter he received about Erica's odd financial dealings, but she dismisses his concern.

The connection between Jack and Erica is as powerful as ever. Jack heads to the hospital after Kendall calls him with news about Greenlee.

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