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All My Children Episode Guide, Part One: Angie struggles to resuscitate Frankie as he goes into cardiac arrest and Kendall and a frightened Greenlee look on. Once her son is restored to regular sinus rhythm, Angie tells Julia she's not sure if the experimental antidote caused the adverse reaction. At Fusion, Babe explains to Amanda and Ava how Richie's chances to survive his leukemia have diminished greatly ever since Annie's test results came back. Greenlee insists that Kendall leave her bedside to attend a meeting with her publisher.

All My Children Episode Guide, Part Two: Greenlee's composure crumbles and she weeps on her new friend's shoulder. Kendall throws a snit fit upon her return to Fusion. Nick tells Greenlee that her condition is similar to Frankie's but not quite identical. Though uncertain about the wisdom of giving her second patient the antitoxin, Angie suggests to Jackson and Aidan that it may be Greenlee's best chance to beat her illness. Kendall balks at a tour to promote her book until "Charm's" publisher assures her they can work around her schedule.

All My Children
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