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Upset as Babe's arrival foils his plan, Richie begins this All My Children episode by insisting on being alone with his sister. Kendall, Zach, Ryan and Aidan escort Greenlee home to her loft and celebrate the ruling.

Meanwhile, Hannah pretends to be pleased with the verdict when Josh stops by her office. After meeting the patient who posed as Richie's doctor, Annie realizes she's been set up yet again.

Greenlee (Rebecca Budig) tells Kendall and Aidan (Aiden Turner) about the lustful love letters she found in the bomb shelter, which were apparently penned by lovers who were married to other people.

After Babe leaves, Richie works hard to convince Annie that he truly is at death's door and wants desperately to mend fences with her before it's too late. Josh senses that Hannah is still hung up on Zach.

Richie shows Annie a document which he claims is his confession. Carrying a high-powered rifle, Hannah climbs up onto the roof of an adjacent building and zeroes in on the unwitting people in Greenlee's living room.

Secretly fingering his knife, Richie attempts to pull Annie close ... but a doctor interrupts with good news for his patient. Ryan is hit by Hannah's bullet as he hurries to shove Kendall out of the line of fire.

All My Children
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