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As All My Children begins another week, Zach and Kendall hasten to tend to the wounded Ryan as Babe phones for an ambulance. Aidan finds the shell casing from a high-powered rifle on an adjacent roof.

Richie's doctor informs him that he might be a candidate for a bone marrow transplant. Kendall shudders to realize that she was the sniper's intended target. Richie asks Annie if she'd be willing to be tested as a donor.

Hannah shows up at Josh's place and immediately comes on strong with her former flame. In the ER, Zach tries to reassure his wife. After Josh rebuffs her advances, Hannah's odd behavior becomes more bizarre.

Annie breathes a sigh of relief when Joe reveals that Ryan was only grazed by the bullet and will recover fully. Hannah knocks Josh unconscious. Aidan squirms when a starry-eyed Greenlee labels him a saint.

Horrified to learn how Hannah tried to kill his sister, Josh listens as his captor rambles on about having Zach for herself. Moved by Richie's tears, Babe encourages him, saying his sister will do the right thing.

Ryan promises Annie he's going to be fine. As Josh attempts to talk Hannah into surrendering peacefully, Kendall and Zach knock on his front door...

All My Children
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