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Zach asks Aidan to look after his wife while he goes in search of Hannah. Jackson comforts Greenlee after she awakens screaming from a nightmare. Erica visits Ryan (Cameron Mathison) at the hospital to thank him for saving her daughter's life. Zach confronts Adam and threatens him to Hannah's whereabouts or else.

Greenlee admits how she's been suffering panic attacks ever since she was rescued from the shelter. Richie bitterly reports to Annie that their father is not a bone marrow donor match. Adam denies putting out a hit on Kendall, then reminds Zach why he has no one but himself to blame for Hannah's apparent descent.

Greenlee (Sabine Singh / Rebecca Budig) assures Jackson she didn't fall for Zach during their confinement. Kendall overreacts when Aidan reaches out to her. Erica arrives to find the two quarreling and wonders. Hannah phones Zach to arrange a meeting. Greenlee has a dizzy spell while strolling through the park.

All My Children
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