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All My Children
Recap: July 10, 2008

Today on All My Children, Erica is delighted when Jackson arranges for Kendall to enjoy a real visit behind bars with her mother.

Worried about Randi, Frankie complains to Jesse about a scumbag like Fletcher making bail. At Fusion, Babe offers Annie her condolences.

Kendall assures Erica that Zach had nothing to do with Richie's death. Samuel joins his dad for lunch but squirms under questions about his interest in Erica.

At the next table, Jack tells an intrigued Carmen that Melvin Woods is a world famous musician.

As she gives Randi her walking papers from the hospital, Angie advises the young woman to steer clear of Fletcher from now on for her own safety.

Kendall presses her mom for the truth about her relationship with Samuel. Greenlee forgives a grateful Aidan for his indiscretion.

Jesse discovers that Richie's last call was to his sister's cell phone. Frankie convinces Randi to let him find her a safe place to spend the night. Melvin urges his son to remember that life is too short to pass up a chance for love.

Angie returns home ahead of schedule and is startled to find Randi sleeping in Cass' bed.

Greenlee declares her love to Aidan but admits she still needs a bit more time to think everything through.

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