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All My Children
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July 15, 2008

Today on All My Children, Jesse arrives at the morgue and asks Annie why she had her brother cremated when the police investigation into his death is still ongoing.

A crestfallen Ryan looks on as Greenlee and Aidan are happily reunited. Cass tells a rattled Colby that Dre has decided to tell his dad about their accident.

Fletcher shows up at the Hubbards' looking for Randi but gets an earful from a bristling Angie instead. Colby and Cassandra explain to Adam why they think they may have run Richie down.

Dre tries to come clean with Samuel but loses his nerve when he learns that his father has fallen behind in the polls.

Angie reminds Frankie how bringing Randi into their home has brought them nothing but trouble.

Though Adam advises his daughter to save her own skin by throwing her friends under the bus, Colby refuses to betray Dre and Cass. Jesse's persistent questions unnerve Annie.

Greenlee tells a beaming Aidan she wants to give their relationship another chance. Frankie admits to his mother that he feels compelled to help Randi. Adam springs into action to cover Colby's tracks.

Ryan takes comfort in reminiscing with Emma about some favorite moments as father and daughter. Randi is arrested for solicitation. Aidan and Greenlee go back to her place to make love.

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