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All My Children
July 2, 2008: Recap

Today on All My Children:

Erica assures Samuel he didn't overstep when he kissed her during their enforced stay together in the solitary confinement cell.

Reporting for her first day of work at the Chandler mansion, Carmen walks in on a kiss between Krystal and Adam.

Greenlee and Kendall burst into the cabin and attack Richie with a can of mace, giving Babe the chance to grab a fireplace poker and knock her captor cold.

Colby explains to Cass and Corrina how her Sweet 16 birthday went sour. Later, Dre and Ren liven up the evening when they drop by to make Colby's "girls' night in" co-ed.

Adam instructs Carmen to keep mum about the embrace she witnessed between him and his ex. Meanwhile, Tad promises a guilt-stricken Krystal they'll soon find Babe safe and sound.

After tying Richie to a chair, Greenlee holds a knife to his throat and vows to take revenge for the way he left her to die.

Dre and Cassandra grow closer as they discover how much they have in common. Samuel and Erica enjoy turning up the heat on their flirtation.

Annie secretly watches from outside the window as Babe and the others take turns threatening Richie with the knife. After the women leave the cabin, Annie slips in and confronts her bound and gagged brother.

Tad inadvertently fuels Krystal's guilt feelings when he thanks her for bringing such joy into his life.

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All My Children
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