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All My Children
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July 22, 2008

Today on All My Children ...

Angie confides to Jake how worried she is about Frankie. Meanwhile, at the shelter, Frankie informs Randi he's volunteered to be one of the doctors on staff. Pete tags along as Colby, Cass and Dre head to the pool.

Greenlee assures Amanda she's fine with the fact that Ryan and Annie are expecting another child. Across town, Ryan tells a flustered Annie he intends to get to the bottom of his botched surgery.

Pete continues to press an irritated Colby to understand that they belong together. Frankie convinces Randi to let him help her fill out some job applications. Ryan is startled to learn that Dr. Cooper never actually performed the vasectomy.

When Amanda whines about her stiff neck and sleeping solo too long, Greenlee coyly suggests she consult with Jake about both her problems. Pete discovers that Colby has been secretly drinking again.

Randi admits to Frankie how complicated her relationship with Fletcher can be. Colby and Pete advise Cass and Dre to get past their guilt and move on. In the ER, Amanda flirts openly with Jake as he massages her neck.

Frankie realizes that Randi was sexually abused as a child. Angie decides to play matchmaker after overhearing a nurse talking about her fondness for Frankie. Annie goes to the marina and dumps her brother's ashes into the water.

Fletcher tracks Randi down and accuses her of being an ungrateful piece of trash. Though he longs to tell Greenlee how much he loves her, Ryan claims he's happy with the way his life has turned out. Annie hears Dre, Cass and Colby chatting and realizes they believe they killed Richie.

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