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All My Children
July 28, 2008
Official Recap

Today on All My Children ...

Frankie returns to the Pine Cone motel with bloodied knuckles and tells an appalled Randi she no longer has to worry about Fletcher. Jesse explains to Angie why he assigned one of his officers to follow Cassandra.

Aidan assures Zach he will never hurt Greenlee again now that she's given him a second chance. To Annie's dismay, Ryan destroys the videotape of Colby and Cass' discussion.

At Fusion, Greenlee presses Kendall for details about her chat with Ryan. Frankie avoids answering Randi when she asks if he killed her pimp. Ryan admits to his wife that he's having a tough time believing her tale about the teens running Richie down.

Jesse apologizes for scaring Angie, then promises he'll speak to their son about not playing vigilante. Annie uses her handy pregnancy symptoms to keep Ryan close.

Greenlee reminds Kendall that she loves Aidan and is completely happy with him. Frankie describes for Randi how connected he feels to her and why he needs to repair her broken life.

Later, Randi learns that Fletcher has been hospitalized in critical condition. Ryan assures a beaming Annie that he wants the new baby.

Unable to stop thinking about Richie, Cass sketches a body lying on a highway. An alarmed Jesse realizes that Frankie was responsible for Fletcher's beating.

What happens next? Find out in our All My Children spoilers!

All My Children
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