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All My Children
July 29 Recap

On today's All My Children:

As JR works the phones to drum up support for his impending power play at Chandler Enterprises, Babe frets that her ex could turn into a carbon copy of his dad.

Barry assures Adam that his daughter's car has been completely destroyed. Jesse angrily reminds his son of his Hippocratic oath but Frankie insists he has no regrets about beating Fletcher to a pulp.

Meanwhile, Angie gets nowhere trying to pull information out of Cassandra. At the Yacht Club, Krystal offers Colby a sympathetic ear. JR again dangles ownership of Fusion in front of Babe.

Angie questions an agitated Cass after catching a glimpse of the young woman's latest sketch. Adam secretly moves to deflect his son's ploy with a devious scheme of his own.

Later, Stuart confronts his twin after discovering that Adam has been working to cover up a possible crime.

Revealing that she knows all about the hit and run, Krystal promises a grateful Colby she will always love and protect her like one of her own kids.

Frankie informs his dismayed father he intends to continue his quest to permanently remove Fletcher from Randi's life. Babe tells JR she's not ready to take Fusion away from Kendall and Greenlee.

Until tomorrow's All My Children ...

All My Children
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