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All My Children
July 30, 2008

Today on All My Children ...

Aidan questions the receptionist at the clinic where Ryan was supposed to receive his vasectomy. Kendall and Zach invite Erica to come out for a celebratory dinner but she reveals that she already has plans for the evening.

Annie happily informs Emma that she'll soon have a baby brother or sister. Ryan bumps into Greenlee at Confusion and reluctantly keeps his feelings to himself when she tells him how committed she is to a life with Aidan.

As Samuel arrives to pick up his date, Erica encourages Zach and Kendall to join them for a meal at the Valley Inn. Meanwhile, Carmen meets with Jackson on the hotel's terrace to discuss her case.

After Frankie admits how he punished Fletcher with his fists, Jake advises his friend to take things slow with Randi for a while. Greenlee asks an uneasy Ryan if he said something to Kendall that he hasn't told her.

Carmen presses Jack to make up for lost time with his lady love.

Later, Erica's arrival with her entourage causes a stir among the other diners. Randi applies for a job at BJ's but the manager rejects her for lack of waitressing experience.

Annie prods Aidan to tie the knot with Greenlee as soon as possible.

Erica persuades Jackson and Carmen to come sit at her table with Samuel and the others. Though Frankie bristles to see Randi's self-esteem flattened, Jake cautions him not to interfere.

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All My Children
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