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All My Children
July 7 Episode Guide

Today on All My Children, Opal hurries to the women's prison to consult with Erica after her Tarot cards predict that a death is imminent.

Though Kendall plays dumb about her husband's quick departure, Jesse suspects that Zach is intent on playing vigilante.

Meanwhile, Aidan urges Greenlee not to put herself in jeopardy again. Annie returns to the penthouse and tells Ryan she was at the movies with her cell turned off.

As Dre and Cass drive a drunken Colby home, the car bumps over something on the road but they decide not to go back and check.

JR assures Babe that Richie will never hurt her again. While Opal distracts one of the guards, Erica slips off to phone her daughter.

Zach calls Jesse after discovering Richie's lifeless body lying in the middle of the road. Babe kicks herself for letting Richie pull the wool over her eyes for so long.

Ryan receives word that his brother-in-law is dead. Later, Annie feigns shock at the news. JR catches his inebriated sister sneaking back into the Chandler mansion with her friends.

Zach calmly fields Jesse's questions about Richie's demise. Greenlee is grateful when Aidan offers to spend the night outside her front door. Cass and Dre share a kiss.

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All My Children
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