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All My Children
June 10, 2008 Recap

Today on All My Children, Jake tells Ryan he may have a way to help him regain his memory. Samuel invites Jesse to take over as the new chief of police now that Derek has moved on to greener pastures.

A troubled Kendall drops by the women's prison for a chat with her mother. Greenlee boasts to Zach about her night of "get-over-your-ex-sex."

Lily shows Jackson her course schedule for her first semester at MIT.

Though Angie advises against it, Jake suggests that Ryan undergo deep brain stimulation in an effort to recover his past.

Kendall confides to Erica her fear that she'll lose her husband for good if she pushes him too far. Greenlee tells a skeptical Zach her one night stand was exactly what she needed.

Jack is touched when Lily tearfully declares that Pine Valley will always be her home because her dad is there. Erica cautions her daughter to stop letting Greenlee control her life and focus instead on finding some inner serenity.

Angie warns Jake against giving Ryan false hope but he accuses her of guarding her turf at the expense of a patient who needs answers. A jeering Richie guesses Annie's secret.

Ignoring her own advice about inner peace, Erica throws a major tantrum upon learning that "New Beginnings" has a new host.

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All My Children
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