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All My Children
June 13, 2008 (Recap)

Today on All My Children:

Kendall is outraged to receive notice that Greenlee has filed a million dollar civil suit against her for assault and battery.

Determined to get Ryan to impregnate her, Annie eagerly prepares to stage a seduction scene. JR frantically phones Babe for help as Richie goes into convulsions.

Jesse assures Angie he's fine with turning down Samuel's job offer.

Frankie learns that the young woman he treated several weeks earlier has returned to the ER with another injury.

Greenlee lends a grateful Ryan a sympathetic ear when he wonders why his wife would be opposed to him undergoing the experimental brain surgery.

At the hospital, JR tells Babe, Angie and Jesse how Richie stole his bone marrow. Josh admits to his sister that he slept with Greenlee.

Rejecting Frankie's offer of help, Randi vehemently denies that she's being abused. Annie grows impatient when Ryan fails to show for their planned dinner together. Jesse begins digging for proof of Richie's crimes.

Meanwhile, Richie complains to Angie about JR abducting him and threatening his life. Greenlee finds a seething Annie waiting for her in her apartment. Zach catches Richie trying to sneak out of the emergency room.

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All My Children
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