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All My Children
Friday, June 27
Episode Recap

Today on All My Children ...

Samuel returns to the prison to update Erica on her latest request. Annie regains consciousness and tells Zach and Ryan she was trying to convince her brother to plead guilty when he knocked her cold.

Meanwhile, Richie slips into the Fusion building as Kendall, Babe, Amanda and Greenlee prepare to spend a long night brainstorming for their newest project.

Erica thanks Samuel for taking the time to follow up on her concern. As an enthusiastic Jesse works up a curriculum for his first semester of teaching, Angie praises her husband for stepping up to help Randi out of a jam.

At the hospital, Frankie finds his patient crumpled on the floor of the hallway and carries Randi back to her room. Greenlee explains to her intrigued colleagues how she's recently acquired a new roommate.

Annie's story rings false to Zach, who wonders what really brought her to the Pine Cone motel that evening.

Erica shakily agrees to return with Samuel to the solitary confinement cell where she was so badly traumatized earlier. Angie surprises Jesse by doing a complete 180 and encouraging him to go back to the life he loves - in law enforcement.

Samuel and Erica become trapped together when the prison suddenly goes into lock-down mode. Certain her son is getting too personally involved with Randi, Angie removes an irked Frankie from the case. Richie cuts the power at Fusion.

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