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All My Children
June 30, 2008

Today on All My Children, Samuel tries to assure Erica there's no reason to panic just because the prison has gone into lock-down. Angie congratulates a beaming Jesse on becoming Pine Valley's new chief of police.

At Fusion, Amanda manages to restore the power but she, Greenlee and Kendall are alarmed to discover that Babe has vanished during the brief black-out.

Meanwhile, Richie binds and gags his terrified prisoner. Erica explains to Samuel how much she's come to care about her fellow inmates and how she yearns to change the barbaric system under which they all suffer.

After convincing the mayor to swear him in ahead of schedule, Jesse quickly takes charge of the search for Richie. Annie is flustered to learn that her brother abducted Babe instead of Greenlee.

Across town, Adam suggests to an outraged JR that his ex probably ran off with Richie of her own free will. Annie asks Angie privately if being knocked cold could adversely affect a pregnancy.

Jesse hears Zach admitting to Kendall how he should have killed Richie when he had the chance. Samuel confides to Erica how deeply he regrets getting so immersed in his work that he neglected his wife and son.

Jesse cautions Zach not to play vigilante but the warning falls on deaf ears. Erica and Samuel share a lingering kiss.

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All My Children
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